that lady doctor

tears, smears, leers and sometimes medicine



the legacy of TVMed™

I was on my lunch break in the hospital tea room. A scene from House or Grey's Room or Emergency Anatomy or whatever was playing on the grotty T.V on top of the microwave. An intern appeared to be doing... Continue Reading →

what I do for thirty seven dollars and five cents

The building contractor chatted pleasantly while I checked his blood pressure, waist circumference, recent cholesterol levels, fasting glucose and urine protein. We discussed screening for bowel cancer with “the poo test” versus colonoscopy, with reference to his family history. We... Continue Reading →

eye to tentacle with the snail

  The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, Elisabeth Tova Bailey, 2010 This is the autobiography of a woman who becomes suddenly and devastatingly unwell and then meets a snail. It is brought to her sick room and put in... Continue Reading →

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