bad doctors

Last week a technical glitch during the RACP exam jeopardised years of study for junior physician trainees. You really have to have studied for years after and before work, around your family, your personal life and instead of having holidays, to understand how unbelievably crap the situation is, but there was a current of nastiness … Continue reading bad doctors


pills and clots, Hills and plots…

After his daughter developed a blood clot while taking the medication Diane-35, Federal MP Julian Hill last week outlined his plan to ban the drug in Australia. He is concerned that GPs are mindlessly prescribing this dangerous drug because they like the way the name sounds. Let’s review. Diane-35 is a contraceptive pill specifically formulated to … Continue reading pills and clots, Hills and plots…

what I do for thirty seven dollars and five cents

The building contractor chatted pleasantly while I checked his blood pressure, waist circumference, recent cholesterol levels, fasting glucose and urine protein. We discussed screening for bowel cancer with “the poo test” versus colonoscopy, with reference to his family history. We talked in detail about prostate cancer testing and I offered to provide written information as … Continue reading what I do for thirty seven dollars and five cents

Betty vs. The State: a one act play in remembrance of recent reality

Setting: Betty returns from travelling South America, blithely planning to take up her medical career where she left off. She will do some revision, a few courses to update her skills and get a well-supervised job to ease back into practice before she decides on further specialty training. Great plan. Unfortunately, she reckons without the … Continue reading Betty vs. The State: a one act play in remembrance of recent reality

the three best compliments ever

1. The Indirect Compliment He was a doctor, a real one. Raised in the bad old days, when your boss left you with three hundred dying children and went to play golf. He walked around with premature babies hanging from the endotracheal tube swinging jauntily over his shoulder. Born with his hands in abdominal stab … Continue reading the three best compliments ever

starting over at the end

Sept 2013 I'm back to medicine - in a haematology unit. Leukaemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma. Hence I'm thinking a lot about my own death and the fact that there is maybe a 30-40% chance it will come with crumbling bones and bladder dysfunction, and almost certainly at what appears to be an inopportune time. I've … Continue reading starting over at the end