I said to Sarah and Laura, separately, “So I’ve started dating.” They both dropped their babies and stared at me with an unnervingly bug eyed intensity, and they both said the exact same thing. “Tell me everything.”

It has started with a whimper. I was finishing up a job in a whirlwind of handovers, paperwork and uneasy hope that the handover doctor would actually check my patients’ results. I had a date that evening with an interesting, seemingly non psychotic man. In the wrap up, the packing, the move and the vague stress about a few patients I wasn’t sure were going to be alright, I ended up with a migraine.

Now I am no migraineur. No sir. I have had one migraine before in my life. It was after I drank a carton of white wine with my brother in Cremorne, and we were driving around the next day in his rattling van which smelt of unbaked bread dough, and the headache began to feel more like a spear in my ear, and I started to feel nauseated and photophobic. “Aha,” I thought, “my first ever migraine.” I even had to cancel my acrobatics class that day.

Anyway, so I got my second migraine. The thought of facing Friday Sydney traffic with said headache and meeting a slightly intimidating man was all too much, so I cancelled. He was horribly nice about it. He’s busy the rest of the weekend (aka, he thinks I’m a flake). He seems funny and even original. But as John Steinbeck said, don’t stress. “Nothing good gets away.” He wrote lots of books about good things getting away, but because he was famous you can put his quotes in italics and a literary bordered meme and they become canonical truth.

So. Dat’s what’s happening (see what I did there?). I’ve grown tired of waiting for my friends to fix me up with vetted men, so off we go. Sarah and Laura can look here for the details. 


  1. Good luck! Dating, and in particular online dating, can be exhausting, frustrating, but kind of fun if you can cut through the bs.


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